Demand Management

MRO Demand Management


Why use paper? Manage your non-MRP demands with our "RF/BAR Demand Management" Module.


"RF/BAR Demand Management" procedure for inventory draws (for inventoried consumables, spare production parts, and inter-site transfer+issue) sourced from non-MRP requirements:


Step 1. End-User enters a non-MRP request on MFG/PRO inventory, entered from either a PC or an RF gun MFG/PRO session using the "RF/BAR" bar-coding program. If user is eligible for automatic approval of demand, and there is sufficient inventory on-hand, the request goes directly to stockroom for filling.



Step 2. Purchasing prints list of open demands requiring approval, checking to see if there is unallocated inventory to fulfill the demand.

***Suggestion***: add Safety Stock to MFG/PRO for those items that "constantly" have this extra demand, so that Purchaing is not always triggered to order.


Step 3. Purchasing enters approvals for demands, using either a PC or an RF gun using RF/BAR. The Approver-user-ID is stored in MFG/PRO by Item-Site.



Step 4. Purchasing prints lists of approved, NOT-on-hand, no-supply-order-available demands, one list for Purchasing to buy raw material items from; and one list for Production to create work orders to build assemblies from.

***Suggestion***: If you use Safety Stock, then MRP will help generate the replenishment PO's and WO's.


Step 5. Stockroom prints list of approved, un-allocated, on-hand demands for stockroom to pick. This list is run as often as needed to check for new, unallocated inventory that has been received from either PO receipts or WO receipts.


Step 6. Stockroom enters inventory picks (from PC or from "RF/BAR" RF guns), which CIM's unplanned issues into 3.7 or inter-site demand inventory transfers into 3.4.1, and also deletes fulfilled demand from the Demand Master.



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